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Welcome to Westerway Primary School

Westerway Primary School enjoys a beautiful rural setting opposite the Tyenna River near Mt Field National Park in the Derwent Valley, Tasmania. Westerway Primary School has proudly been a WildSC’OOL since March 2016 and we enjoy a productive partnership with the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service through this initiative, in particular with Mt Field National Park.

At Westerway Primary School we cater for all children from birth to Grade 6 and provide a challenging, fun and vibrant teaching and learning program for students within a caring and supportive environment. We offer a full curriculum, including specialist sessions in PE, Japanese, Art and Drama. We have a kitchen garden with a specialist garden TA working on Wednesdays and Fridays. We also offer P-6 vertical inquiry groupings on Fridays where children can work in cross ages teams in an area of their choice: garden design thinking; food, cooking inquiry; entrepreneurship; promoting health & wellbeing.

Children thrive when there is open communication between parents and teachers and at Westerway Primary we foster active partnerships between the school, home and wider community to ensure that the very best possible learning opportunities are provided for each child. We welcome family and community members into the school to contribute and share their ideas, knowledge and skills in order to enrich learning. I encourage you to join our school association to take an active role in school decision making as well as participate in fund raising events.

All students are supported to attain their best performance levels with their learning, social skills, attitude, school spirit, decision making and leadership. Individual learning plans, small group and 1:1 support are provided as needed to ensure optimum progress. Our areas for focus on whole school improvement in 2020 are in the areas of writing and inquiry. Our values, also known as the Westerway Bees, include Being Respectful; Being Kind; Being Careful; Being A Learner. We explicitly teach these values to children and frequently point out positive behaviours that embody them. We encourage families to draw attention to positive behaviours at home that exemplify these values.

I strongly encourage all parents and students to meet with teachers and me as appropriate to discuss concerns, ideas, queries and feedback in order to ensure all individuals feel included, valued and supported and to continually build a strong and progressive school together.

As Principal, I hope you and your family experience a happy and productive relationship with our school and that your children experience academic, social and creative success as part of belonging to our school community.